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My favorite artworks on dA, Worth checking out ^-^;;
I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music and art for my As.
halp. Plz. Halp. 


I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music and art for my As.
halp. Plz. Halp. 
So, after re-living my exams in my head the whole of the summer holiday, and beating myself up, I've finally gotten my GCSE results. 

9A* , 2A , B 

Wohoo, very happy! Didn't expect this, especially because I only gave a shit about the exams I wanted to do for A-levels.

In the morning of results day, my mum offered to drop me off to school (Holly crap holly crap). After declining the offer, she insisted, she's not gonna take no for an answer. So I left my breakfast and snuck out of the house and waited at the bus stop, my bus came, I was safe!!!!.....or so I thought. MOTHER CAME AFTER ME WITH THE CAR AND OVERTOOK THE BUS.... I had no choice but to get in, she wasn't gonna budge. 

I made her wait in the car, told her, she wasn't allowed to come with me. 
Then after 20mins of searching for my grades on hundreds of pieces of paper, i was forced to call mum by the teachers. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYBODY!! I know it was really tough this year, and most didn't get what they were expecting, but i wish you the best in the future :)  

Pc broke down, getting it repaired is seeming to be such a freaking pain.

No laptop = No lyf

I've never felt so empty before, it's been almost 16days.
Those bitches at PcWorld/Currys are being slow. BACK LOG MY ASS.

-Need to catch up on Tokyo Ghoul artwork.
Note: I know the Journal title just itches you to have a Mac vs Windows battle...
Don't. Just Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) 
So I got most of my stuff stolen, including iPad, iPhone and my prized drawing equipment and wallet from my mums car last night while we were out. 

So after i did some interior designing work, me and mum parked our car to go get some dinner, I left my stuff in the passengers seat in my bag. SO this guy got into the car, stole most of the stuff in my bag but left my house keys and notebook in it and left the bag in the car! I mean this was quite genius not stealing the whole bag as it made me doubt myself and I didn't realize something was wrong until i got home. "Maybe i just left the stuff somewhere?" "Why would they leave the bag and not take the whole thing??" 

So that's when I decided to call the Met police against my mums wishes. I just needed to find out how they did it. So two officers came to the house and took our accounts and told us about this mysterious device that prevents cars from locking. I remember having a bad feeling so after we left the car I made my mum lock it twice. "Are you sure you locked it mum?". 

So when we finished having our dinner we came back and ate our ice cream beside our car. In hindsight we noticed a mischievous man behind us who's been there the whole time, grinning at us. So we came home, beat from the hard work, only to notice most of the things in my bag was missing. 

I couldn't believe it. We locked the car twice. And I was sure I packed everything back in my bag from my interior design job. But it had to have been stolen. My phone was out of charge, but my iPad was 100%, if it was in the house I would've been able to track it down as the Wifi (No network on iPad) would've been on. But they were both offline. Meaning it was out of range from my home. If someone charged my iPhone I would be able to track it down. 

So I gave the met police my apple login, and patiently awaiting them to check the camera footage, God knows how long they're gonna take with that, apparently they will mail me their results. I'LL LET YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS Q_Q. Maybe no one stole it and its just somewhere. 

ergh fuck My guitar picks were in my wallet I'VE HAD THEM FOR SO LONG.  

so yeah. sorry if i take a break for a while and sulk.


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I Like video games, visual novels, anime, manga, music, art (anything and everything nerdy).
I have a obsession with zombie shooter games like Resident evil. And an obsession with old PS1 games!
I use paint tool sai for my stuff, but would like to transition to photoshop as you can do so much cool effects on it!
Hopefully, if I become good enough, I will consider taking a career in art!
Learning Japanese at the moment! Feel free to have a chat!

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